Bilaterial relationships

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Ambassadors of the Philippines in Latvia (embassy is located in Warsaw, Poland)
Patricia Ann V. Paez                                     18th of June 2013 - present
Maria Z. Angara Collinson                             13th of November 2007 - November of 2012
Victoria S. Bataclan                                      14th of October 2003 - 23rd of April 2006
Erlinda F. Basilio                                          June of 1998 - June of 2003
Rosario G. Manalo                                        May of 1996 - May of 1997
G. Luz Del Mundo                                        1992 - 1995

Honorary Consuls
Latvian interests in the Philippines are represented by Honorary Consul Robert Lim Joseph (since 7th August, 1994).

Philippinian interests in Latvia are represented by Honorary Consul Dmitry Trofimov
(since 24th November, 2002).

During ASEM Summit, which took place on 10-11th of September 2006, President of the Republic of Latvia Vaira Vike - Freiberga met with the President of the Republic of Philippines Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Interparliamentary cooperation
On the 21st of April 2005 Latvian - Philippine parliamentary cooperation group was formed. Chairman - Oleg Denisov.
On the 1-9th of April 2005 the 112th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and 176th session of Council took place in Manila, in which Latvia was represented by the chairwoman Ingrida Udre and MP Oleg Denisov.

Cultural co-operation 
In October 2006 an exhibition by Philippinian artist Manuel D. Baldemor took place in Mentzendorf's house.

Since 8th of December 2008 citizens of Latvia may enter the Philippines without a visa and stay for the period of 21 days.

Economic cooperation
Trade turnover between Latvia and the Philippines is insignificant.
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